Yoko Shibata

Professor, Pulmonary Medicine, Yamagata University Hospital, Japan

M.D. 1991 Yamagata University School of Medicine
Ph.D. 1995 Course of Medicine, Yamagata University

Professional Experience
1995–1998: Staff Doctor, Pulmonary Medicine, Yamagata Prefectural Nihonkai Hospital
1998–1999: Chief Staff Doctor, Pulmonary Medicine, Yonezawa City Hospital
1999–2001: Research Fellow, Pulmonary Biology (Bruce Trapnell Lab), Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
2001–2006: Instructor, Laboratory Medicine, Yamagata University Hospital
2006–Present: Assistant Professor, Department of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Nephrology, Yamagata University Hospital
2010–Present: Professor, Pulmonary Medicine, Yamagata University Hospital

Activities in Japanese Respiratory Society
2017–Present: Vice chairperson, Assembly of obstructive lung diseases
2017–Present: Editorial committee, 5th edition of COPD guideline

Research Interest
Pathogenesis of COPD, Epidemiology of pulmonary diseases, Alveolar proteinosis

APSR 2017
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