Rebecca Harper

Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide, SA

Dr Rebecca Harper obtained her PhD from the University of Adelaide, School of Medicine in August 2016. She continues to work at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide with the ambition to translate her cell therapy model to the clinic. Over the course of her PhD studies, she developed an effective gene and cell therapy to combat pulmonary arterial hypertension, as well as investigate the molecular pathways involved in pulmonary vascular disease. Currently she is investigating the underlying mechanism of her cell therapy, looking at cell-to-cell communication via exosomes. She has formed strong collaborations with Stanford University, the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, the Biomedicine Discovery Institute and the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Monash University as well as the Vascular Biology and Cell Trafficking Laboratory in the Centre for Cancer Biology, University of South Australia.

APSR 2017
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