Kim Prisk

Professor, Departments of Medicine and Radiology, University of California, San Diego, USA

Kim Prisk earned his PhD from the University of Otago in 1983 and has been at the University of California, San Diego ever since.  He worked extensively on studies of the human lung in weightlessness in spaceflight on both the Space Shuttle and on the International Space Station.  These studies were extended to studies on aerosol transport and deposition and the influence of gravity on these processes using parabolic flight.  More recently he has worked on the development and use of functional imaging techniques using MRI to quantitatively measure both ventilation and perfusion in the human lung.  Despite the low signal to noise environment for MRI in the lung, the techniques offer imaging without the constraints of radiation dose or the use of injected contrast agents, making them well-suited for studies that require repeated imaging.  He is an associate editor for the Journal of Applied Physiology with an emphasis on pulmonary gas exchange and environmental physiology.  

APSR 2017
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